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                The present situation and the development of casting mould industry

                2015/4/26      view:
                With the constant development of China foundry industry, casting mould design and manufacturing of more and more get the attention of people. Faw group corporation is China's largest auto industry base. In early 1999, faw foundry co., LTD. Was set up after the restructuring of casting mould factory become faw casting mold production plants. Previously, this had the faw three entrepreneurship, for the faw, light in weight, and its many varieties, wide series models produced hundreds of thousands of sets of metal casting mold, non-ferrous metal die-casting mold, its development process can basically represent the casting mould industry in our country to show its present situation and development trend of industry. In this paper, based on the analysis of the present situation of casting mould industry in China, in view of the problems put forward countermeasures, in the future.
                The casting mould ? in our country